How to Be a Total Loser and Feel Better Than You Ever Have. – Jo Michaels

How to Be a Total Loser and Feel Better Than You Ever Have.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Want to learn how to eat better and maybe lose a little weight along the way? Need a realistic plan you’ll be able to stick to for the long haul? Then this is the book for you. There are no fad diets on the pages of this book, and no magic secret formula that’ll make you half the woman/man you are. What’s in here is real, sensible advice, and a ton of tips and tricks to help you ease into a newer, healthier you. You’ll be a total loser. You’ll lose the fatigue, that general blah feeling, and maybe even a few pounds (or several), but you’ll start feeling better than you thought was possible in a very short amount of time. Best of all? It’s not a plan that strips you of the things you love most. It only teaches you how to alter those things slightly, or look for better alternatives, so you can improve your overall health. So, dive in, and become a total loser that wins in every way.

Author: Jo Michaels
ISBN: 9781981281190
Pages: 112 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 19.94 Mb


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