The Busy Woman’s Guide to Losing Weight and Making Money – Karen Fernandez

The Busy Woman's Guide to Losing Weight and Making Money

Karen’s quick and easy-to-follow guide is for the busy woman who wants more positive relationships, weight loss, and more money. She received her wakeup call when she found herself at the lowest point of her life during her divorce. Everything in Karen’s life seemed to be in a mess, namely her relationships, weight, and money. Karen thought that surely life was not meant to be so difficult. So she started to search for some answers to her questions such as: Why do I attract the same type of relationships? How do I attract positive relationships? How do I lose weight and keep it off? How can I have more money and support my children? How can I live the type of lifestyle I want to lead? How can I be HAPPIER? Karen read a variety of books, and each author helped her to fine tune her life-changing strategies. She found out through personal trial and error what worked and what did not work to improve her relationships, weight, and money. When Karen looked around, she saw that many of her friends had to deal with similar issues. In fact, many women were struggling to deal with their relationships, weight, and money. Karen started to help other women and found the experience was extremely rewarding. So she then decided to write this book so she could draw from her own experience to help more people. Karen details the strategies she has learnt to help lead a happier life. She knows how busy women are, so she has written an easy, step-by-step guidebook which will show you the strategies to make positive changes in your life.”

Author: Karen Fernandez
ISBN: 9781452509365
Pages: 218 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 13.56 Mb


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