Lose Weight with the Dash and Low Carb Diet Plans : A Beginner’s Guide to the Dash and Low Carb Diets – Nicole Harrington

Lose Weight with the Dash and Low Carb Diet Plans : A Beginner's Guide to the Dash and Low Carb Diets

Get Fit and Blast Fat on the Dash and Low Carb Diet Plans For the first time, two books, Dash Diet by Nicole Harrington and Low Carb Diet by Nicole Harrington, are being offered in one collection. Discover how both of these great diets can help you obtain your goal weight and gain a better and healthier life. Description from Dash Diet by Nicole Harrington Are you tired struggling to lose weight and keep it off? Do you feel like you have tried everything, and despite your best efforts nothing seems to work? It is easy to get incredibly frustrated with the vast amount of diets out there promising results, but which fail to deliver. The Dash diet is a effective way to safely and easily lose weight. There are no wild promises or easy solutions, there is only a scientific approach to what foods you should eat, and what foods you should avoid. There are so many choices of things to eat that it becomes incredibly easy to make the wrong decisions. The Dash diet helps you make the right ones! You don’t have to struggle to lose weight any longer. You can make a change, starting today. And embarking on a Dash diet plan is your first step to making that change and gaining the life and body that you desire. Description from Low Carb Diet by Nicole Harrington If you are looking for a method to quickly and easily lose weight, both safely and effectively, a low-carb diet might be the solution perfect for you. The theory is that our bodies work the right way when we consume the right amount of proteins, which means that carbs-especially the carbs that we get in processed foods-are our enemies when it comes to keeping our bodies fit and healthy. There are many benefits that come with low carb diets. Some of these benefits have been scientifically studied, while others are commonly reported by low carb dieters. Not all people gain all the benefits of low carb diets. Those who are more-sensitive to carbohydrates are usually more likely to get more benefits. Low carb diets can either be good or bad, it all depends-on the person and the type-of low carb diet eaten.

Author: Nicole Harrington
ISBN: 9781517459932
Pages: 112 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.70 Mb


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