Weighty Issues : Getting the Skinny on Weight Loss Surgery – MD Scott a Cunneen

Weighty Issues : Getting the Skinny on Weight Loss Surgery

Conversations with a caring and insightful weight loss surgeon. In Weighty Issues: Getting the Skinny on Weight Loss Surgery, noted surgeon Dr. Scott Cunneen gives you his undivided attention, taking the time to answer all your questions about a decision that can forever change your life! The tone is informal and engaging. The information comes from a doctor who has performed thousands of weight loss operations at a world-renowned medical center. You are sitting across the desk from him in his office. You’re the only one in the room. Go ahead, ask him anything! He’ll talk to you about gastric bypass vs. lap band vs. “the sleeve.” What you can expect with each surgery and what kind of commitment and lifestyle changes are expected of you. Improvement or even resolution of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease. Reclaiming your health. Your energy. Your mobility. Actually increasing your life expectancy. Good thing he likes to talk. And listen.

Author: MD Scott a Cunneen
ISBN: 9781610615235
Pages: 194 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 22.76 Mb


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