Power Hapkido – 1st Dan Essentials – Myung Yong Kim

Power Hapkido - 1st Dan Essentials

This is the black and white version. Grandmaster Myung Yong Kim, Founder of JinJungKwan Hapkido, brings to you this second book in the Power Hapkido series. Grandmaster Kim shows you the “essentials” that all 1st Dan students should know. Grandmaster Myung Yong Kim is one of the few original Hapkido Masters who still teaches as he was taught in Korea. He proudly teaches Hapkido to students who are eager to absorb all they can of Hapkido. He currently teaches in The Woodlands, Texas and in Houston, Texas. This book starts with the Ki Hap Bup (advanced breathing exercise) and assumes that you have already mastered the skills and techniques from the first book. Grandmaster Kim then goes into advanced wrist grab techniques, from the same side wrist grab to the two handed wrist grabs. He goes on to show techniques from sitting position, when someone is grabbing for your chest, and when someone is about to throw you over. Grandmaster Kim then shows offensive techniques, from breaks, strikes, and throws. He ends with the knife defense techniques. Here, he shows the basic stance, basic blocks, and all the different techniques that can be executed from straight stabs, side stabs, and downward stabs. This is THE book to have as a reference if you are already a Hapkido practitioner. Check us out on facebook and friend us and also visit us on our website at jjkhapkido.com. Jin Jung!

Author: Myung Yong Kim
ISBN: 9781483946238
Pages: 330 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 10.81 Mb


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