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No Fail Fat Burning for Women : Get the Weight Loss Edge for Your Optimal Physique

Finally! The Truth About How A Woman’s Body Burns Fat for Good. UPDATE! Get the updated, powerful follow-up eBook to No Fail Fat Burning for Women at Q: How did Skye St. John drop 15% bodyfat after failing at every fad diet? A: It’s simple. It’s science. And it hasn’t gotten the research or exposure it deserves in the male-focused nutrition, science and biohacking world. For the companion blog to the book, visit NO FAIL FAT BURNING FOR WOMEN originated from the brilliant, biohacking brain of my coach and mentor, Michelle Burleson. After chronic weight gain and hopelessness, Michelle’s proven method of fat loss and muscle building for women saved my life. With her help I compiled the research, results and wisdom of the most progressive biohackers, nutritionists, physicians, and trainers of world-class athletes. I spent years and thousands of dollars in a quest for optimum health and body composition after a downward spiral of weight gain and hormone imbalance issues. I found my answer (and regained my health) with Michelle’s nutrition and training methods. I tried every fad diet there is with some success that ultimately lead to more fat gain, painful menstruations and fatigue. Why? Because most of the big ideas in nutrition aren’t tailored to women at all. Or, the ones that are don’t focus on overall health, sending your body into metabolic derangement after you plateau. In this book based on Michelle Burleson’s proven principles, you have a simple, practical method to scorch excess bodyfat — and we mean scorch it off. Moreover, you will maintain lean muscle, balance your hormones, and gain an abundance of authentic energy. Take everything you think you know about exercise and nutrition and throw it in the trash. Here’s the truth: Starvation is stupid. You should never feel hungry. Calorie counting is a waste of time. Exercising for hours increases obesity and eats at your muscle. Carbs are not the enemy. Most “health” foods marketed to us by the food industry make us fat and worse Healthy fat makes us lean and preserves muscle. It’s so simple, it’s ridiculous. Ladies, let’s get back on the road to true health. Learn how I dropped 15% body fat and gained tight, toned muscles by working out only an hour a month. Conquered PCOS and endometriosis Increased the quality of my sleep. Lost ten pounds in the first week. Eat just about anything I want and use it to burn fat. And so very much more. No Fail Fat Burning for Women. Take this journey today. If you or any female in your life struggles with weight, fatigue, food cravings, difficult menstrual cycles and more, try No Fail Fat Burning for Women. It’s a matter of life and health. TOOLS FOR SUCCESS & THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE COMPLAINING THAT NOTHING WORKS Most women who whine about not achieving their dream physique instantly on the protocol fail to mention they have no idea what their blood panels or body composition data looks like. Many women are still obsessed with scale weight instead of using indicators of true body transformation like inches lost, muscle gain, increase in bone density, and body fat-to-lean mass ratios. If you don’t understand that a shrinking waist is more a sign of success than a dropping scale number, this is not for you. Many women are so inundated by outrageous diet fad claims that they believe body and health transformation happens overnight. Wrong. Your body will present the check for a lifetime of metabolic abuse one way or another. Are there some helpful hacks and proven systems in this book? Yes. But consistency over time is your silver bullet.

Author: Skye St John
ISBN: 9781500222802
Pages: 82 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 10.62 Mb


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