The Ultimate Juicing & Holistic Health Program – Nicole Fey

The Ultimate Juicing & Holistic Health Program

The Ultimate Juicing & Holistic Health Program is a beautiful, well-organized primer to juicing for health as well as a healthy living guide complete with a 60-Day Juice & Yoga chart to guide you step-by-step into your new self-care routine. Sections include: a Quick-Start Guide, delicious juice recipes, preparation, washing and clean-up instructions, juicing do’s & don’ts and clean-eating tips. Program Features Master the art of juicing like a pro Boost your daily nutrient intake considerably Understand the principles of juice cleansing and detoxification Enjoy a wide variety of delicious vegetable and fruit juice recipes Learn how to get your picky children to love juicing Develop discipline through an 8 week Juice & Yoga program Aligns you with healthier eating habits and healthy living routines Guides you in adopting a steady yoga practice Creates the accountability and motivation you need to succeed!

Author: Nicole Fey
ISBN: 9781519417268
Pages: 42 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 10.34 Mb


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