Resolution Weight Loss, You Don’t Have to Wait for the New Year for a New You! – Eric Auslander

Resolution Weight Loss, You Don't Have to Wait for the New Year for a New You!

Most people wait until January 1st each year to start their diet. Dr. Auslander has found an easier way. If you could lose weight on your own, you wouldn’t be holding this book in your hands right now. The experts all tell you to eat fewer calories and exercise more. If only it were that easy! The truth is, most people and most so-called experts have no idea what triggers the body to gain or lose weight. Few people recognize the clues (symptoms) that are your body’s warning signals that your food choices aren’t working. Add the fact that almost no one understands the relationship between stress and weight, and it’s no wonder we have a nation of chronic dieters who stay overweight, unhealthy and unhappy no matter how hard they try. Well, today is your day…because you have in your hands the definitive guidebook for weight loss success that lasts. Within these pages we’ll teach you everything you need to know to lose weight and keep it off for life, and it couldn’t be simpler when all you have to do is follow ten easy steps!

Author: Eric Auslander
ISBN: 9781937111304
Pages: 258 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 11.28 Mb


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