Go Primal with Paleo : The First Human Diet – Gloria Gough

Go Primal with Paleo : The First Human Diet

*** Now comes with FREE Paleo Diet Cookbook (downloadable) Lose Weight, Fight Disease & Eat Yourself Lean – The Paleo Way! Strong, lean cavemen didn’t need a diet! But then again, they weren’t faced with and surrounded by mostly ‘on demand’ processed foods, as we are today. They were hunter – gatherers. Paleo, the first human diet was designed by nature to help us fight off disease, stay healthy and have a lean body. Why we get fat… Imagine a world where we don’t get fat. We were genetically designed to eat certain foods. For too long we’ve broken the original design with starchy processed foods. But that’s about to change – now we can learn to eat ourselves lean by following our paleolithic ancestors’ way of eating. Learn exactly how to do the Paleo diet. Here’s what you’ll find inside Go Primal With Paleo… – What you can eat on the Paleo diet – Daily meal plans/recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & desserts) to help you get started – Eliminate cravings and feelings of being deprived of food (page 18) – Paleo Diet Vs Low Carb Diets: What’s The Difference? (pg 12) – How To Make The Paleo Diet Fun (pg 16) – 90/10 Paleo rule (pg 26) – Freedom from dieting – A Matter Of Fats: The Good The Bad & The Ugly – Cheating? – I Give You Permission! (pg 34) – The Benefits Of Cheating – It Can Actually Help You Lose Weight – How To Get Back On Track After A Meltdown – Creating Your Paleo Pantry (pg 37) – Paleo Fitness (pg 78) – Play-a-cise (Play Exercise) – The Art Of Exercising Without Exercising (pg 80) – If All Else Fails – How To Exercise Even When You Hate It (pg 81) – AND MUCH MORE! Recipes To Help You Get Started… – Paleo Pancakes – BLT Breakfast – Paleo Biscuits – Primal Snacks – Kale Chips – The Best Paleo Pizza (ever!) – Caramelized Onion Burgers – Asian Chicken Salad with Dressing – Paleo Hamburger Buns – Tuna Salad – Thin Crust Pizza – Spaghetti Sauce with Shirataki or Spaghetti Squash Noodles – Crumbed Chicken – Banana and Coconut Ice-Cream – Cream Banana Muffins – Paleo Ice cream (basic) – Coconut Whipped Cream – Choc Chip Cookies – Paleo Approved – AND MORE! Everything you need to go primal on the Paleo diet!

Author: Gloria Gough
ISBN: 9781499235685
Pages: 126 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.77 Mb


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