Healthy Exchanges Cookbook : It’s Not a Diet, It’s a Way of Life – Roy Lund

Healthy Exchanges Cookbook : It's Not a Diet, It's a Way of Life

Healthy Exchanges Cookbook will let you quit dieting and start to live healthy and enjoy all the “real” food you love. Healthy Exchanges is for everyone, whether families in which the kids’ idea of gourmet cooking is a deep-dish pizza; working parents too busy to fuss in the kitchen with complicated recipes; people who depend on the convenience of supermarket shopping and new, labor-saving, sugar- and fat-reduced products; or lovers of such traditional comfort foods as hearty casseroles, lasagna, meatloaf, potato salad, cream pies, and cheesecake.

Author: Roy Lund
ISBN: 9780399140655
Pages: 241 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 15.86 Mb


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