The V.H Fat Loss Diet – Kyle Kendall

The V.H Fat Loss Diet

This book is a complete guide and will provide you with everything you need for the new happier, healthier you. Tips, advice and information, diet plans, recipes and external links for further reading as well as a selection of my past articles. The V.H Fat Loss Diet is a plant based, high energy diet that will not only help you to reach your goals but leave you feeling great. This diet has had much success with many clients losing up to 1lb of excess fat per day for the first few weeks. The V.H Fat Loss Diet is the ideal diet for losing fat fast, effectively and safely whilst feeling better than ever before. Some diets achieve their goal by removing components, for example; not eating carbohydrates or skipping carbohydrates one day and protein the next. Although these diets may claim to work fine, this is not so good because the body uses all of these components for different tasks, as each component has its own set of qualities. The V.H Fat Loss Diet will help you to lose excess fat effectively without leaving your body deficient in any area.

Author: Kyle Kendall
ISBN: 9781505312676
Pages: 88 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 22.49 Mb


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