Paleo Instant Pot Recipes : 50+ Quick & Easy Beginner Recipes for Your Pressure Cooker – Nick Marino

Paleo Instant Pot Recipes : 50+ Quick & Easy Beginner Recipes for Your Pressure Cooker

DISCOVER THE 50+ QUICK & EASY BEGINNER RECIPES FOR YOUR PRESSURE COOKER This book will help you get familiar with the paleo diet and guide you upon your journey towards life transforming health. Just keep in mind that just like any other diet out there, the paleo diet may take a bit of time at first to get the hang off, but eventually as you start to become accustomed to it, it will come naturally to you. This is not just another fad marketed to you by late night infomercials or print media. What makes the paleo diet stand out is because it is so much more than just another average diet, it is a complete lifestyle difference. Fear not however as the recipes in this book are crafted with taste, deliciousness and ease in mind to make this as fun and beneficial to you as possible. This book is especially written for you if you are a massive fan of the instant pot pressure cooker. With the capabilities of the instant pot, an entire new world of paleo recipes is now at your fingertips! Whilst the basic functions of the instant pot can create regular dinner stews, the instant pot can go ahead and make tasty paleo breakfast, lunch and snacks quickly and easily under an hour. So let’s go and dive right into what this wonderful kitchen tool can do combined with the delicious paleo recipes in this book to transform your life, your health, and your stomach. In This Book You Will Discover: i Paleo Diet Basics i How to Use Your Instant Pot Combined With Paleo Recipes for Amazing Results i 50+ Delicious Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner i and Much, much more! So Go Ahead! Grab Your Copy & Start Reading Today!

Author: Nick Marino
ISBN: 9781976306181
Pages: 60 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 11.80 Mb


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