El Yoga Terapeutico – Pierre Jacquemart

El Yoga Terapeutico

Revealing the extraordinary healing capacity of yoga, this guide demonstrates that some of the most common ailments can sometimes have very simple solutions. The authors show how yoga, an ancient and well-documented practice, can be used to eliminate the tensions and stress inherent in everyday life; alleviate–or completely heal–maladies such as arthritis, asthma, vision and hearing problems, respiratory infections, insomnia, and others; and restore mental and spiritual balance. The book offers a multitude of drawings and photographs that will help readers identify the postures that best suit their personal needs and goals, and create an individualized exercise plan for avoiding illness.

Author: Pierre Jacquemart
ISBN: 9788499172552
Pages: 259 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 11.38 Mb


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