Happily Ever After – Betsy S Stone

Happily Ever After

Many people enter marriage with visions of “wedded bliss” only to find their expectations, hopes, and carefully conceived resolutions shattered when the dream becomes a reality.  Happily Ever After reveals the changes marriage brings to a relationship and to each spouse, why they occur, and how you can deal with them positively.  It’s a guide through the often rough early marital years, and to creating a strong foundation for long-term contentment. Author Betsy Stone, a practicing psychologist, takes a look at the most common problems newlyweds face–including such potentially explosive topics as money, sex, and religion–and offers sound solutions.  Using examples drawn from couples who have successfully weathered the first few years of marriage, she explores how to abandon old habits and develop new ones; how to be close and how to be separate; how to deal with in-laws and extended family, negotiate everyday conflicts, and compromise on larger issues.   With invaluable advice on communicating openly, smart tips on how to fight and how to reconcile, and exercises throughout for developing and refining the skills discussed, Happily Ever After is essential reading for those who’ve discovered it takes more than love to make a marriage work.

Author: Betsy S Stone
ISBN: 9780385483162
Pages: 192 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.55 Mb


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