Pearson’s Massage Therapy Exam Review – Jane S. Garofano

Pearson's Massage Therapy Exam Review

This expanded and updated text fully prepares massage therapy students for the latest massage therapy certifying exams, including NCETMB, NCETM, and MBLEx. PEARSON’S MASSAGE THERAPY EXAM REVIEW, 5/e supports a wide spectrum of students and learning types by providing many ways to study, including simple outlines; intuitive charts, figures, and tables; many exam related questions with answers and rationales; and video and PowerPoint in a brand-new online study component. It fully reflects major recent changes in the NCTMB exam, and now includes more visuals, as well as more content on ethics, business, medical terminology, aromatherapy and pharmacology – giving students an even more complete and useful study resource.

Author: Jane S. Garofano
ISBN: 9780132741903
Pages: 360 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.74 Mb


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