The Fiji Vacation Diet – Brent Arthur Harris

The Fiji Vacation Diet

How do you feel at the end of a typical day? Exhausted? Over-Worked? Ever feel like you need a vacation to become rejuvenated and relaxed? The founders of TeleSlim, (R) Drs. Brent and Anna Harris have the solution: a weight loss program that merges those great vacation feelings into a unique and healthy lifestyle plan to help you shed those extra pounds. Fiji is the acronym for Fit Isnt Just Image and symbolizes the authors beliefs that a diet should make you look and feel great. In addition, The Fiji Vacation Diet is the original and only vacation-style diet program on the market today. Fiji is not just another simple, cookbook-style fad with specific recipes and exercises to follow. The plan focuses on a five stage process designed to address and modify your mental, physical, and lifestyle decisions needed for successful weight loss. Because every person is unique, the program allows you to tailor the Fiji principles to your life and your situation in order to create a permanent solution. This unique design creates very high success rates and long-term results.

Author: Brent Arthur Harris
ISBN: 9780980042603
Pages: 248 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 23.66 Mb


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