Set Up a Therapy Business : A Step-By-Step Guide – Gill Warren

Set Up a Therapy Business : A Step-By-Step Guide

More than half of therapists have not set up in business, or are no longer trading, three years after they qualify. Are you too scared, or lacking in skills and support, to venture out alone? By following the step-by-step processes in this book and setting up your business, complete with business plan, you will massively boost your chances of meeting your business goals. Do the market research, and you won’t waste time or money getting it wrong. Discover the secrets of how other therapists have been successful in their businesses, as you are led by the hand through the intricacies of setting up a therapy business. Explore what you really should know and do, before you make the first step. Boost your chances of a successful launch and ongoing business.

Author: Gill Warren
ISBN: 9780956628206
Pages: 166 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.76 Mb


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