Jump-Starting a Career in Dietetics & Nutrition – Ann Byers

Jump-Starting a Career in Dietetics & Nutrition

Nutrition is the study of food composition and the effect of the various components of food on the body. Dietetics is the application of the principles of nutrition to health. This resource explains the training and certification required for dietitians and nutritionists, the types of career choices (clinical, public health, and food service), and possible career paths (practitioner, educator, researcher, administrator, and consultant). Sidebars include the professional experiences of a registered dietitian, dietetic technician, community nutritionist, and a supermarket dietitian. The text assesses clinical nutrition and dietetics, community nutrition, food service systems, nutritional counseling, and careers in business and industry.

Author: Ann Byers
ISBN: 9781477716915
Pages: 80 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 20.02 Mb


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