SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet : You Won’t Even Know You’re on a Diet! – James A Surrell M D

SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet : You Won't Even Know You're on a Diet!

Other diets are way too complicated! The SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet has only three simple rules: Rule 1. Low Sugar, Rule 2. High Fiber, and everybody’s favorite is Rule 3. No More Rules! The short and simple SOS Diet, by Digestive Health expert James A. Surrell, MD, involves only a minor lifestyle change. You too will soon become a “Label Reading Detective” and easily and almost effortlessly lose 5 to 8 pounds per month. Check out the many SOS Diet success stories at Like so many others who have never lost weight on any other program, you too will be very successful on the SOS Diet. Get started today!

Author: James A Surrell M D
ISBN: 9780982560181
Pages: 146 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.61 Mb


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