Stretching Your Faith : Practicing Postures of Prayer to Create Peace, Balance and Freedom – Michelle Thielen

Stretching Your Faith : Practicing Postures of Prayer to Create Peace, Balance and Freedom

Are you able to hear God’s still small voice among the chaos of today’s loud world? Because you were created to hear from your Creator. Have you ever experienced such intimate and distraction-free worship? You were created for worship. When was the last time you completely surrendered your all? Are you ready to deepen your walk with Christ, hear from Him and have hidden mysteries, treasures and wonders revealed to you? He is trying to communicate to His children. He has things He needs you to hear and know. You have places to go, things to do and people to meet! Maybe you are ready to encounter God for the very first time, or long for a fresh encounter with the Living Waters? Would you like to get healthy and whole once and for all? Are you willing to be transformed from the inside out? Awesome! I was hoping you would say yes! I want to share how your life can be truly transformed by the Living Christ and the amazing gift of yoga. Do not be afraid of the word yoga, it simply means to be united, or to yoke. It is not our business how others use yoga or what they set their hearts and minds to while practicing yoga. Here, we set our hearts and minds on Jesus Christ and nobody should be able to judge how others worship. I believe God created everything in the Heavens and on the Earth. Therefore, I believe God created our body, how we move and physical activity that includes stretching our body. The combination of your faith, and literally stretching your faith, can heal your body, your mind, your spirit, marriage, relationships, business, ministry and so much more. You can be made whole by practicing the principles throughout these pages. Every area of your life can be healed, redeemed, restored and made new! I began my yoga journey about 20 years ago as a means to prevent injury while professionally dancing. Throughout my dance career, yoga not only helped me to maintain my flexibility and strength with no injury, I soon discovered that it was a physical activity like no other. When I attended yoga classes, often an instructor would incorporate a philosophy such as self enlighten-ment or tell students to honor “the source” within us. I would always think, “Yes the Source is within me, it is Christ alone, not me, but Him!” God always whispered to me to keep my heart and mind on Him. My yoga practice began to be Christ centered, but in a silent way. I longed to share what He was working in my heart, body and spirit with others. My prayer is that God would speak to you in new and mighty ways throughout the pages of Stretching of Your Faith and that you would connect with Him in the most profound and intimate way. Here is to your new beginnings. Your “Chapter Change.” Your whole worship; body, mind, spirit and especially your soul. For in him we live, and move, and have our being. Acts 17:28

Author: Michelle Thielen
ISBN: 9781940984940
Pages: 208 pages
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