Get a Bangin’ Body : The City Gym Boys’ Ultimate Body Weight Workout for Men & Women – Charles Lasalle

Get a Bangin' Body : The City Gym Boys' Ultimate Body Weight Workout for Men & Women

Charles LaSalle and his City Gym Boys first gained notoriety with their ripped bodies and popular beefcake calendars. But since LaSalle founded the group in 1997, they have made it their mission to mentor urban youth on the lifelong benefits of fitness and exercise. With practical advice on everything from diet to turning household objects into workout tools, “Get a Bangin’ Body” explains why pumping iron is passe, and shares a body-weight-only program that anyone-whatever their age, income, or fitness level-can undertake. This unique exercise book encourages communities across the country to take charge of their health by implementing a workout program of push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, squats, and planks that will build a naturally lean, toned, and healthy physique. “Get a Bangin’ Body” will show readers how to inexpensively, conveniently, and effectively build the body of their dreams.

Author: Charles Lasalle
ISBN: 9781583334508
Pages: 256 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 26.66 Mb


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