Janelle Pica’s Powerful Pressing Program : The Quest for the Kettlebell 1-Rep Max Military Press – Janelle Pica

Janelle Pica's Powerful Pressing Program : The Quest for the Kettlebell 1-Rep Max Military Press

There is something truly primal about lifting a weight above your head. It’s as if our own primitive, caveman-like selves are awakened by practicing the overhead lifts. The Military Press has a particularly unusual ability to make us feel stronger just by merely practicing the lift. Friend and fellow kettlebell instructor, Daniel Byrnes, said it quite well one day while we were discussing our heavy single arm press. Speaking like a true cave man, he uttered, “This is my rock. I must lift rock to highest place. Important to lift rock. Always. I will be strongest self.” And really, that’s what our Powerful Pressing Program is all about. We want to lift heavy things consistently, and the military press itself offers some unique benefits for your body that go way beyond your upper body. If you want great shoulders, a strong back, solid abs, and some nice looking glutes and quads, practicing the kettlebell press will yield all of the above and then some! “If you want to GAIN STRENGTH and AMAZING PRESSING POWER, then I recommend you follow the plan my friend, Janelle Pica, has laid out for you in this powerful program!” Karen Smith Master SFG and SFB “Prior to training with the Powerful Pressing Program, I was strict-pressing a 16kg, and could manage a 20kg if I was doing a push press and had momentum. At the end of the program, I was able to strict-press a 26kg! In addition, my waist decreased by three inches, from 42 down to 39. I am very surprised and impressed with the results I got in such a small window of time. The results that my peers and I attained speak to the well-thought-out and curated program. Janelle is always striving towards perfection. The gains achieved in the time given were very impressive. And it was simple and well laid out: do x, y, and z, and get stronger. I like that.” Elizabeth Pantalone Client of Primal Fitness Pittsburgh LLC Pittsburgh PA, USA “Powerful Pressing is a program that will increase your pressing strength, fast! I loved the methodical approach; it made tracking progress very easy. It’s hard to be patient and not want bigger gains RIGHT NOW, but if you follow the program, the results will come!” Jill Jacobs HKC and owner of Jill Jacobs Lifestyle Coaching Cartersville GA, USA “All in all, a solid, fun, quick (love that it wasn’t too time-consuming!) and effective program that I will return to! I would recommend the Powerful Pressing Program to anyone looking to gain pressing strength, or even just overall upper body and core strength. It has great elements of conditioning too, for stand-alone workouts even apart from the pressing focus, and you’ll be sure to see your form get tighter and cleaner along the way.” Bonnie Lang Owner of Bonnie Lang Fitness Calgary, Alberta, Canada “Prior to commencing the Powerful Pressing Program, my one-rep max was 14kg. After only 4 weeks of following the program, I am now able to strict press the 16kg and push press the 18kg kettlebell with ease. I am also now working with double 14kg kettlebells after such a short time. I loved this program because it was not only effective but time efficient! I never felt that I couldn’t fit it in to my schedule. The programming was clever in that as you progressed you worked harder, not longer. I would definitely recommend this well-structured program to anyone with prior kettlebell training experience who is wanting to work on their strict press” Sarah Xuereb RKC 1 Melbourne, Australia

Author: Janelle Pica
ISBN: 9781523308484
Pages: 118 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.62 Mb


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