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How to Develop Real Human Superpowers : Beginner's Guide

Real Human Superpowers? Echolocation, impressive feats of strength? Although seemingly impossible, there are people who already have these abilities, which they acquired through diligent study and years of training. The human mind is an incredible thing. It can adapt to environmental and physical changes. In extreme cases when the body is subjected to horrific living conditions or accidents, the brain rewires everything at cellular level – a form of micro evolution or mutation born out of need. This allows the physical self to function, or at least, survive. Once the body is out of presumed danger, the brain rewires again in an effort to “normalize” living conditions. In many cases, this form of micro evolution or reinvention becomes a continuous life-long process. This condition is called neuroplasticity, and it can be seen when: *)A visually-impaired person uses echolocation to map his surroundings. *)A child born with spinal muscular atrophy acquires bulk and mass by the age of 18, only by sheer willpower. Neuroplasticity can also be harnessed to improve mental well-being, and to push the body into performing incredible and uncommon feats of endurance and strength. Like all things worth investing in, rewiring the brain takes time and practice. But the benefits of mastering this skill are beyond incredible. This book contains information on how to unlock your unique powers through study and training. You can acquire super human powers without subjecting yourself to dangerous experimentations, or casting magic spells, or spending lots of money on technology and weaponry. Aside from relying on neuroplasticity, this book also has specific recommendations for both mental and physical exercises that can be used to hone your “powers” faster.

Author: Htebooks
ISBN: 9781540719942
Pages: 40 pages
Format: PDF
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