Habits Rule You : One Simple Answer to Achieving Your Nutrition & Fitness Goals – Angelica Ganea

Habits Rule You : One Simple Answer to Achieving Your Nutrition & Fitness Goals

How can someone fully overcome a sugar dependency or overeating? How can a person who’s been overweight their entire life turn into a fitness competitor? How can we overcome our deepest negative beliefs and fully grasp the reality that following our dreams regardless of age, is as possible as simply deciding to do so? There is one simple answer that applies to all of these questions: by assessing our day-to-day habits. She was a rising star in her native country of Romania, forced to give up her career after arriving to Canada– within a few years she went on a downward spiral and ended up in the emergency room. In this refreshingly unique, inspirational yet practical book, singer/songwriter Angelica Ganea takes the reader through her journey of re-discovering her passion for music, as she overcomes a sugar addiction, overeating and anxiety, by kicking bad habits. Following nearly two decades of research into fitness, nutrition and neuroscience, Angelica Ganea created a step-by-step primer on how to effectively eliminate unhealthy behaviors, in the way we shop, eat, exercise and think– all the while with focus on simplicity. By understanding the concepts of neuroplasticity, the power in our little steps, the rewards and beliefs that drive us, we can alter how we function as a habit machine and take control of the autopilot in us. “Everything that we do, from the types of foods we eat, to how physically active we are, what we repeatedly think, what we believe, even the way we cross our arms, are the result of habits.,” says Ganea. “The reality is that habits, good and bad, rule us. So we might as well consciously create life-promoting ones.” ‘Habits Rule You: One Simple Answer to Achieving Your Nutrition & Fitness Goals’ is much more than a book on nutrition and fitness. By emphasizing that above all we are spiritual beings, Angelica Ganea takes the reader on an empowering journey, giving the tools to identify and bring out the vast potential that undeniably exists within. ..”.Angelica Ganea’s story of her journey back to good health– both physical and emotional– is as uplifting and inspiring as her incredible singing voice. ‘Habits Rule You’ offers readers a step by step roadmap to optimal health and fitness based on the latest findings by leading researchers in the areas of nutrition, exercise and neuroscience. With humour, candour and old country common sense, Angelica has a lesson for us all in how to think away bad habits and create new positive ones.” — Connie Smith, Media Personality, Order of Ontario

Author: Angelica Ganea
ISBN: 9780978494025
Pages: 290 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 12.48 Mb


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