Through Thick & Thin : The Emotional Journey of Weight Loss Surgery – Warren L Huberman

Through Thick & Thin : The Emotional Journey of Weight Loss Surgery

Join Dr. Huberman as he navigates the many complex emotional issues related to weight loss surgery. An authority in the field who has seen thousands of patients, Dr. Huberman takes you on a trip that begins with his own early struggles with weight, and continues through the many issues confronting the bariatric patient before and after surgery. Told with humor and wit in a warm conversational style, Through Thick & Thin is the perfect guide for anyone who would like to learn more about weight loss surgery.Weight loss surgery is a revolutionary and powerful tool to help folks lose weight and take control of their lives. However, it’s a long journey and there’s considerable work to be done beyond the operating room. Those who are most successful recognize that the surgery itself is only the beginning. In fact, many say that losing the weight and making the required dietary and behavioral changes surrounding eating was the easy part. Most people are either unaware of or completely underestimate how remarkable the emotional changes can be following surgery. It’s often those emotional changes that enhance or hinder true success from weight loss surgery, and Through Thick & Thin was written to help you navigate those changes.

Author: Warren L Huberman
ISBN: 9780975581094
Pages: 270 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 24.65 Mb


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