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Ketogenic Fat Bomb Recipes

Discover high fat snacks that will compliment your Ketogenic diet!Sounds impossible? It is possible to enjoy delicious snacks or desserts when you are in Ketosis. When you are in a Ketogenic Diet or not, you may crave for something delicious or sweet. Whether it is for between meals or after meals, Fat Bombs will be your healthy treat. What are Fat Bombs?Ketogenic Fat Bombs; these snacks or desserts is high fat and not to mention delicious too! Whether you are craving to eat and too exhausted to cook something up or if you just may be looking to eat something sweet in a keto diet, this is the solution. If you have not heard of a Ketogenic Fat Bomb, then it is about time you do! These fat bombs are a combination of ingredients usually from butter, coconut oil, some seeds and nuts and, of course, since they are called Ketogenic Fat Bombs, they are designed to follow the keto diet. Experience these benefits from your Fat Bombs: Fat loss accelerationControl your appetiteMetabolic boosterMouth-watering bite-sized snacksMaintain ketosisBoost energy levelsLet’s get going to achieve your perfect weight!Grab a copy of this book by clicking the “Buy now” button on the top of this page

Author: Caitlin Johansson
ISBN: 9781535147880
Pages: 40 pages
Format: PDF
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