Understanding Yoga – Jonathan Robbins

Understanding Yoga

One of the greatest gifts that we’ve inherited from the timeless culture of classical India is the rich tradition that is Yoga. Practised for thousands of years and widely adapted to the requirements of our modern world, the benefits of this ancient system of physical, mental and spiritual integration are as relevant today as they been for millennia. Rightly recognised as a beautifully elegant system for harmonising our minds and bodies, Yoga offers the perfect antidote to the stresses and tensions of moden living. But how do you begin? This introduction to Yoga has been written by a well-travelled and fascinating individual who studied Yoga under the watchful guidance of his Indian instructors in the timeless setting of Rishikesh – the legendary ‘gateway of the gods’ in the heart of India. Meditating in a temple that was contructed in the eighth century CE and following the exacting traditions that were laid down countless centuries before, his training and dedication led to a deeper understanding of the discipline than most westerners might ever appreciate. Having experienced the amazing transformation in his life that followed his years of study, the author has made it his mission to pass on those principles to everyone he meets, in workshops, in conferences, in retreats, in Yoga schools and in his own studio. To meet him puts one in mind of a timeless, ageless quality that he modestly attributes to his daily practice. Now these principles can be yours. Amongst many areas of interest, the book explores: The key principles that govern truly effective Yoga The safest way to enjoy the movements How to develop your natural potential for flexibility The power of the breath and the science of pranayama Warming up and cooling down Building a daily routine Learning to relax in each position Adapting the positions to avoid pain and discomfort The unlimited power of meditation The miracle of imnproved posture Cleansing the body from within Mastering the art of deep and restorative relaxation After a lifetime of practising and teaching Yoga, the author has noted many changes in the way that the system has been integrated into western cultural schools of Yoga. He has suggested that some of the core principles have been lost and over-ridden by more modern interpretations. In many cases, the Yoga that is widely taught today bears little resemblance to the powerful methods that developed over long centuries of continuous research and practice. There is little in the popularised modern methods that would be recognisable to his devoted teachers. So he has decided to offer a more authentic approach to Yoga that will introduce the novice – and perhaps the more experienced student – to the beauty and wonder that flows from the ancient traditions. After all, the human body hasn’t changed very much in the last millennia so the principles that supported those ancient masters of Yoga still apply to our needs today. It is a work of love, an extension of his teachers’ devotion to the shining purity of Yoga and the complete integration of human beings and the realisation of their complete potential. If you are inspired to explore the richly fulfilling experience of Yoga and are ready to experience the transformation of your body and live a much happier and more creatively joyous life, this book will open the doorway for you and offer its blessings at every step of your journey.

Author: Jonathan Robbins
ISBN: 9781539695325
Pages: 100 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 24.50 Mb


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