Geriatric Nutrition – David R. Thomas

Geriatric Nutrition

In a vicious cycle, poor nutritional health leads to acute and chronic disease, and disease states are catastrophic to nutritional health. The magnitude of nutritional depletion from any cause depends to a large extent on the nutritional reserves an individual has accumulated over time. In our increasingly older population, nutritional reserves are marginal and the magnitude of the effect on nutritional health is amplified. Strategies to improve nutritional health in older individuals require a unique approach and sensitivity to the individual’s needs. Drawing from a group of outstanding experts in the field, Geriatric Nutrition is a state-of-the-art review of current nutritional thinking. Beginning with an overview of nutrition in older persons, the book addresses nutrition epidemiology, obesity, immunity, as well as molecular theories of aging. A detailed scientific review of nutritional requirements follows with chapters on energy balance, water metabolism, vitamin disorders, and trace elements. Techniques for the clinical assessment of nutrition in older adults include comparisons between US and European Union strategies and standards. The book includes a revealing section on the management of undernutrition in nursing homes and assisted living environments. It offers prescriptions for enteral and parenteral nutrition, as well as protein energy undernutrition. A significant portion of the book covers nutrition recommendations in specific disease states, including psychological issues such as dementia and depression, cancer, diabetes, anemia, and fracture risk. The book also considers multicultural and ethical issues relevant to the sensitive treatment of older individuals. Exploring exciting new ideas in normal, pathological, and optimal nutrition, Geriatric Nutrition ties basic research with clinical practiceto further the understanding of nutrition in older persons.

Author: David R. Thomas
ISBN: 9780849338151
Pages: 600 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 22.70 Mb


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