The Complete Idiot’s Guide Anti-Inflammation Cookbook – Lucy Beale

The Complete Idiot's Guide Anti-Inflammation Cookbook

The body’s healing response to injury or infection is localized inflammation and it is normal. However, when inflammation moves beyond the local, it becomes abnormal. Much new research shows that abnormal inflammation may be linked to a variety of diseases and conditions, including heart disease, cancer, asthma, diabetes, and arthritis. Researchers suggest that diet can reverse this inflammation and the conditions and diseases caused by it. The Complete Idiot’s Guide(R) Anti-Inflammation Cookbook — a companion to The Complete Idiot’s Guide(R) to the Anti-Inflammation Diet — has more than 200 delicious recipes that help to reduce inflammation, along with meal plans and guidance on what to eat and not to eat.

Author: Lucy Beale
ISBN: 9781615642083
Pages: 290 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.11 Mb


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