The Flat Tummy Book – Denise Lewis

The Flat Tummy Book

Every day, countless crunches and sit-ups are done in gyms across the country, while at home infomercials tout electrical stimulators and gut-busting workout machines, all in the quest for a toned tummy. But can any of these methods guarantee the perfect waistline? Unfortunately not. The startling fact is that most people aiming for a flat stomach are going about it incorrectly, wasting time, effort and money. But with the right advice, a flat stomach is within everyone’s reach.And who better to guide you to a trim midriff than Olympic Gold medallist Denise Lewis. As a world-class athlete, Denise knows more than any self-styled fitness guru or celebrity about setting goals and working efficiently with your body to achieve them. Uniquely, Denise’s programmes are completely customizable. Whether you are trying to shed xmas excess or get back into shape after a baby, they cater for a variety of needs and can be tailored to the time you have available, whether you are a 10-minutes-a-day person, or weekend only exerciser.

Author: Denise Lewis
ISBN: 9781905204502
Pages: 128 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.75 Mb


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