Fitness for Life Physical Activity Pyramid for Kids Poster – Charles Corbin

Fitness for Life Physical Activity Pyramid for Kids Poster

The revised and updated Physical Activity Pyramid for Kids now includes physical activity and nutrition information so it is easy to understand energy balance at a glance. This bright, colorful, and informative poster serves as a reminder to children and young adults of the need for an appropriate mix of various types of physical activity as well as good nutrition to achieve good health. Developed by Chuck Corbin, this poster is an excellent tool for the Fitness for Life, Physical Best, and Fitnessgram programs. Put The New Physical Activity for Kids poster on the wall of your elementary school gym, multipurpose room, cafeteria, hallway, or weight room to give your students an overview of a healthy, active lifestyle combined with good nutrition. With this poster, kids will learn suggested frequency, intensity, and time for each type of physical activity and the appropriate mix of healthy foods.

Author: Charles Corbin
ISBN: 9780736091527
Format: PDF
Size: 21.20 Mb


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