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Carb Cycling for Everyone : The Ultimate Guide to Carb Cycling

Get Started on the Path to a Newer, Healthier You For the first time, two of the best books on carb cycling have been published together in one single collection. Carb Cycling for Everyone – The Ultimate Guide to Carb Cycling offers valuable insight into the carb cycling phenomenon that is sweeping the world. Carb Cycling for Everyone – The Ultimate Guide to Carb Cycling contains the following books: Carb Cycling for Beginners – Learning to Live a Healthy Lifestyle by Nicole Harrington Carb Cycling – Get Shredded, Improve Your Health and Regain Your Life with Carb Cycling by Deanna Massey From the description of Carb Cycling for Beginners by Nicole Harrington Losing weight can be an extremely difficult process for many people. Even worse is that many people think weight loss is simple, and that if you aren’t losing weight you aren’t working hard enough. These folks believe that because weight loss is easy for them, it must be equally easy for everybody else. But dieting is not a one-size-fits-all type of activity. Some of the most serious dieters I’ve met have been the hardest workers, also, but despite their tremendous work ethic, they struggled to lose the extra pounds. I empathize with those who work hard, yet don’t get the results they are hoping for. I understand the struggle; I understand trying various diets looking for the magic bullet that will finally work for them. This introduction to carb cycling is for these people. If you are one of those fortunate few who can drop weight easily-first, congratulations-and, second, just following the basic tenets of carb cycling should work wonders for you. For those that have to battle, I hope this guide gives you the knowledge and resources you are looking for. I have personally witness great results from those who have adopted a carb cycling lifestyle. It is one of the reasons I strongly believe in this diet. I am not saying that the journey will be easy, that this will be like magic, with the unwanted pounds melting away. But I’m confident that you are ready and willing to make the change and to put in the hard work necessary to achieve the results you desire. You have made the first step. Now let’s get started on the path to a newer, healthier you. From the description of Carb Cycling by Deanna Massey Many of us try to lose weight, but struggle to achieve any positive results. We exercise, eat right, yet still don’t seem to make a difference where it counts–on the scale. In this situation, it is natural to wonder what you are doing wrong. Not seeing results often leads us to question ourselves, causes us to blame ourselves. But you can eat right, exercise, and still not see results, because you are not eating the right FOODS! This is the theory behind carb cycling, an extremely effective diet in reducing body fat because it teaches us how we should eat. Deanna Massey delves deep into this incredible diet, separating the truth from the hopes, while putting together the best plan for anyone to achieve their weight loss goal. Make the change to a carb cycling diet today and finally start to lose the weight.

Author: Jennifer Cane
ISBN: 9781548589059
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