Little Crystals : A Low Sodium Journey Through the Salted Land – Brett L Marks

Little Crystals : A Low Sodium Journey Through the Salted Land

Little Crystals: A Low Sodium Journey Through the Salted Land tackles the challenge of reducing sodium intake on a sustainable and manageable basis. Readers will learn how to make the needed changes while still having a healthy, fulfilling and good tasting diet. An optimistic and realistic approach to dealing with salt is taken. This book takes the reader through each stage of the journey, from initial understanding and awareness of the problem, to making changes that will bring about the transition to low sodium living. Little Crystals will help anyone who needs to reduce daily sodium intake to 1,500 milligrams per day, or anyone who would like to achieve any degree of sodium reduction. This is a must-read for anyone who is dealing with high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart conditions, diabetes, swelling of the limbs, or who is over the age of 50. Many people have been told by their doctor to reduce their salt intake, but then are left mostly to their own devices to find the tools and information available to achieve this goal. Locating these tools and information and figuring out how to actually implement measures is an extremely daunting task. Little Crystals will greatly benefit anyone who is facing that task! There are plenty of low salt cookbooks on the market, but Little Crystals will help readers change the way they shop, cook and eat, with time saving ideas and an emphasis on great flavors and healthy combinations. There are chapters devoted to specific cuisines (Italian, Asian), food types (beans, soups and stews) or situations (holiday meals, restaurant dining). Learn how to modify your favorite meals and recipes. Solving the low salt challenge can be a key step toward improving one’s life, and perhaps even saving it!

Author: Brett L Marks
ISBN: 9781460984932
Pages: 188 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 17.18 Mb


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