Demystifying Food from Farm to Fork – Maurice J Hladik

Demystifying Food from Farm to Fork

In North America and elsewhere, there is a growing concern by many that they are no longer connected in any meaningful way with the production or processing of the food they consume. Furthermore, many sources portray a negative bias regarding the production, transport, processing, and marketing of today’s food. In “DEMYSTIFYING FOOD FROM FARM TO FORK,” author Maurice J. Hladik examines a plethora of issues surrounding the agricultural industry. It answers the questions of what is food, what does farm to market really mean, and whether the food we eat is safe. It also discusses the controversies and socioeconomic concerns surrounding food and the food supply, such as the role of government; farming, environment, and biodiversity; genetically modi ed food; organic foods; the 100-mile diet; weather, climate, and food; and animal and poultry welfare. Hladik-a descendant of European farmers who settled on farms in Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota as early as 1834-not only provides a lively discussion of food controversies, but also shares hundreds of little-known facts about food and farming.”

Author: Maurice J Hladik
ISBN: 9781462068036
Pages: 256 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 20.38 Mb


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