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Crock Pot Recipes : Crock Pot Cooking

About this Crock Pot Recipe Book: This is the paperback version of the popular recipe book, “CROCK POT RECIPES.” Recipes: This CROCK POT RECIPES includes 52 five-star rated recipes. The “CROCK POT RECIPES” Recipe Book was put together to help cooking enthusiasts make good decisions when choosing recipes. The CROCK POT RECIPES in this book were submitted by nutrition educators and organizational experts. They have been rated as top quality and given 5 star ratings by the general public who participated in online surveys and questionnaires. In our opinion, you will not find a better source for top quality CROCK POT RECIPES that will help you make the best choices for you and your family. It is our Goal to provide you with the best recipes with the best information on nutrition. You will not find hundreds of recipes in our series. Our recipes are carefully chosen as the best and most popular recipes for this particular subject. If you find our CROCK POT RECIPES to be valuable and resourceful, we invite you to browse our other recipe subjects available on Kindle by querying “S.Smith Recipe Books.” We will be adding several recipe books for CreateSpace that include the Nutritional facts on: cake recipes, soups, breads, pies, chocolate, meats, cheese, salad, healthy, vegetarian, pasta, dessert, fish, steak, and many more.

Author: M Smith
ISBN: 9781470116057
Pages: 122 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 29.51 Mb


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