Workouts For Women – J. Hyde

Workouts For Women

The way to a shapelier body! Get maximum results with the wonder of circuit training! Women across America are discovering the joy of circuit training. This unique type of training provides a one-stop total body exercise session, combining aerobic and strength training into a time efficient workout. Circuit training reduces body weight and inches and is one of the most versatile methods of exercising. It provides excellent all round fitness, builds feminine lean muscle tone, and increases strength and aerobic endurance. In Workouts for Women you’ll learn: * How to circuit train at home or the gym. * How to start burning fat in just 12 minutes a day. * Targeted circuits for all fitness levels…and more! Bursting with over 90 different exercises, Workouts for Women is the proven, quickest way to a shapelier figure and a healthier and happier you.

Author: J. Hyde
ISBN: 9781578261833
Pages: 160 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 18.71 Mb


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