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#Gainz : The Modern Day Fitness Dieting Encyclopedia

THE FIRST MODERN DAY FITNESS ENCYCLOPIDIA OF DIETING If your goal is to learn how to eat to build muscle, lose body fat and become educated on dieting without wasting time on BS myths or supplements, this book is for you.Here is what’s up:• Most of what you believe to be true about dieting, getting lean and building muscle is not true. • Meal timing is irrelevant; there is no anabolic window, breakfast doesn’t matter, and eating late at night won’t make you fat. • Meal frequency is less important than you think and dieting is much less complicated than it’s made out to be.• Supplements help you very little. In fact, most of the things you’re probably doing aren’t doing your wallet or physique justice.• “Eating clean” is an irrelevant term – I eat ice-cream and cookies every single night and build muscle while staying lean year round.Those are just a few of the things you will learn by reading “Gainz”. The point of this book is to break you free from the shallow myths in the fitness industry today and teach you the foundation needed to build a lean, ripped, muscular physique while dieting.After reading this book you will know and understand things that only .01% of the world truly comprehends about dieting and building a powerful physique. Here is the blueprint; these are the keys to unlock the door to unlimited potential. This information will allow you to become a physique building practitioner. .Here is a little more of what you will learn by reading this book…• The molecular breakdown of carbs, fat and protein and the truth about alcohol.• The truth about dieting and how to eat to build an amazing physique based off of your specific body type, lifestyle and goals.• Why you don’t need to eat clean, eat 6 times a day, eat breakfast, or stop eating after 6pm.• Why most people never make it, and why you will make it and achieve the physique of your dreams. • How I eat cookies, ice-cream, pancakes, waffles and doughnuts while staying lean year round and building solid muscle.• And much, much more – that was only 1% of what you’re about to receive.Take a second to swallow this: after you have begun reading this book, in only weeks you will know more about dieting than a lot of doctors do. You will know more about nutrition than anyone else that struts by in the gym, and you will have the knowledge in your head that will completely transform your physique in weeks.Imagine being shredded and building tons of muscle while eating whatever you want and whenever you want without ever feeling bad about it. If this sounds good, this book may be for you.The truth is it’s not easy, but it’s always worth it and it’s not complicated.Stop thinking, go click the “add to cart” button, and become a physique building practitioner starting now.

Author: Jordan Miller
ISBN: 9781539954422
Pages: 414 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 23.14 Mb


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