The Dorian Gray Diet – Inma Hannah

The Dorian Gray Diet

The title of this book is meant to be tongue in cheek although it exemplifies the content and the aims of this book, that is to appear younger than your age would say you are. This has also been a passing comment to us on occasions, so an apt title in all respects. The content is a thoroughly straight forward ‘how to’ reduce, eliminate and contain the elements of ageing through diet and most importantly, correct food preparation. We have practiced this method from a crude beginning to the refined one you will see in the following pages. You may be skeptical or you may have followed other diet programs and not obtained the results you had hoped. This program, by it’s nature – and you will realise soon enough – cannot and will not fail you. This may be the most powerful diet and food preparation book you may ever see because of it’s properties to rejuvenate. The linking in this book of the correct food and method of preparation is entirely new. You will literally start to get the benefits written about, as soon as you have eaten the example meal that accompanies every section. A sort of eat as you learn reinforcement of the principles, certainly an enjoyable way to learn if there ever was one. Another consideration and guiding principle is that this is all done with ‘normal’ food, no exclusive, expensive or hard to get items; everything is available via a good supermarket and an optional handful of items from a health food store, and that’s your shopping done – and probably a lot more economically than what you are purchasing now. A ‘get you started’ list of tasty recipes are in the appendix of which some them will be new to you and also, some old classic ones too, that are perfect for our purpose. As a final note, the author who has followed this program for many years, is ‘middle aged’ and yet has no cellulitis, grey hair or wrinkles anywhere; is easily mistaken for someone in their early thirties and has a perfect figure.

Author: Inma Hannah
ISBN: 9781453875230
Pages: 224 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 16.15 Mb


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