Not Eating! : “Stop Eating, Start Praying, and Let the Good Times Roll” – Greg Bass

Not Eating! :

You should know right now that your life can finally get better. Whatever you’ve been struggling with, for however long, can actually get better. Almost immediately. For real.I didn’t know anything about Not Eating a few years ago but I was a dang expert in intransigent problems. I knew all about soul killing, life sucking problems that just wouldn’t get better, but could always get worse. You may have run into some of these problems yourself, who knows. Marriage problems, money problems, friend problems, kid problems, food problems, health problems, drinking problems. I had them all doubled over, shaken up, and coughed out.Then through a series of events that I’ll elaborate on a little later, I will just say God made it pretty dang clear to me that I was supposed to Not Eat and I was supposed to ask my wife Susan to Not Eat with me. So I did that. And she said yes.We were going to Not Eat for three days and then I would ask God to save us. Something happened during those three days and we realized we weren’t ready to stop. So we kept Not Eating for 21 days. No food. No juice. No supplements. Just prayer. That right then was the beginning of the second half, the better half, of my life here on earth.Over the next year, Susan and I went on another 21 day Not Eat, a 40 day Not Eat, and a few other shorter Not Eats. Over a 13 month period, we didn’t eat for a total of about 100 days. And God saved us and totally transformed our family.I realize from telling the story enough now, that if you don’t know me or even if you do, you might think I am making this up. For the record, I am not making this up. It is true. But please please please do yourself a favor, and don’t miss out on how your life can be transformed for the better based on whether you believe me or not.About this whole Not Eating thing, I know what you’re thinking right off the bat because I think it too every time I do this. Here it is:Not Eating? Not gonna do it. No food? No way. I can’t do it. It’s going to suck. What about lunch? What about dinner? What about breakfast? And shoot, I’m kind of hungry right now. And then you go eat.Every person who ever Not Ate thought the same thing before they did it too. Here’s some people who did Not Eat even though they wanted to eat: Moses, Jesus Christ, King David, Elijah, St. Paul, Gandhi, Cesar Chavez. And me, Greg Bass.One of these things is not like the other. So funny. But seriously, my name is in there too, even though I am ridiculous. If you knew me, you’d know it’s not because I’m in the same league as great people from history. My name is in there because Anybody can Not Eat and get a miracle, even if that person is a big screwup. Like me. Or, perhaps, like you.So if you or somebody you know needs help, big help, and nothing else seems to be helping, maybe you should try:Not Eating!

Author: Greg Bass
ISBN: 9781530067190
Pages: 92 pages
Format: PDF
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