Sex : All about Sex: Everything You Need to Know about Sex – Melanie Ng

Sex : All about Sex: Everything You Need to Know about Sex

Sex: All about Sex. The contents of this book was accumulated from the answers collected in detailed interviews, which lasted anywhere between forty five minutes to two hours. The focal point of the questions was to learn more about optimal sexuality by learning about respondents’ best sexual experiences, then tabulating their responses to come up with the most common factors. The study based their findings on a total of sixty nine participants, encompassing a diverse sampling of population. Those interviewed were men and women, diverse in age range, ethnic origin and sexual orientation; ages ranged from twenty three to eight two years of age. Why sex is good for you? Sex is a good exercise Sex does a lot of stuff to your brain Sex is also a form of beauty treatment. The ten key components of phenomenal sexual experiences: Being present, focused and embodied Connection, alignment, merger, being in sync Deep sexual and erotic intimacy Extraordinary communication, heightened empathy Authenticity, being genuine, uninhibited, transparency Transcendence, bliss, peace, transformation, healing Exploration, interpersonal risk-taking, fun Vulnerability and surrender Intense Physical Sensation and Orgasm Lust, Desire, Chemistry, Attraction Great Sex Positions to Spice Up Your Sex Life. Sex: All About Sex

Author: Melanie Ng
ISBN: 9781517407896
Pages: 24 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 21.79 Mb


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