Reshape You : A Fitness Guide to Teach You How to Create the New You from the Inside Out – Stephanie Franklin

Reshape You : A Fitness Guide to Teach You How to Create the New You from the Inside Out

Are you tired of the same ol’ fitness books that lead you to nowhere? Stephanie has developed a book that comes to REshape the person who desires more than just a good looking body. REshape YOU works you from the inside out. It deals with: * Burning Fat * Losing Weight the Healthy Way * Right or Better Eating Plans * Toning Your Muscles * Learning How to Have Great Health * How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way * Better Eating Habits * Looking Great * Feeling Great * Fast Results * Agility/ Endurance/ Strength Training * Rehabilitation in Your Body * Body Rehabilitation From Injuries & Surgery * New Heart * New Mind * New Body * New Spirit * New Soul * New Look! REshape YOU is about doing surgery on your heart (body), mind, spirit, and soul. It goes past trying to get physically fit, or the popularity of fitness that everyone is seeking. It is about removing what is hindering your progress to move to the NEW level that you so desire and need, and create the NEW REshaped YOU. Stephanie explains how to structure your workout and eating plan to fit only you in a gym cardio, aerobic, and strength training workout that will yield maximum results immediately as you follow the structured routine. She also covers topics that show you what to wear, how to stretch, how to warm up your body before working out, aerobic, weight lifting, and boot camp style workouts; and provides you with a personal sample of an eating plan and workout just for you. She also includes a BONUS eating and workout plan for diabetics.

Author: Stephanie Franklin
ISBN: 9781937911874
Pages: 122 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 22.28 Mb


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