The No Sweat Exercise Plan – Harvey B. Simon

The No Sweat Exercise Plan

In the tradition of “Eight Minutes in the Morning”, “The No Sweat Exercise Plan” offers an easy plan to get fit and lose weight, without high-energy workouts. The book offers an easy-to-follow point system to ensure success. It is based on sound scientific data on calories burned and health benefits, and endorsed by doctors at Harvard Medical School. The author is an award-winning professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School who has written numerous articles for magazines and newspapers, including “Newsweek”, “The Boston Globe”, “Scientific American, Ladies Home Journal”, “Walking”, and “Woman’s World”. In addition, his work has been cited or quoted in “The New York Times”, “The Wall Street Journal”, “The New York Times Magazine”, “US News & World Report”, “Chicago Tribune”, “Reader’s Digest”, “Detroit Free Press”, and “St. Louis Post-Dispatch”.

Author: Harvey B. Simon
ISBN: 9780071448321
Pages: 304 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 20.74 Mb


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