Morbid Obesity : The Real Skinny – Nick Nicholson M D

Morbid Obesity : The Real Skinny

Weight loss is possible with the straightforward new health guide Morbid Obesity: The Real Skinny. Written by Dr. Nick Nicholson, one of the country’s leading experts on obesity, and B. A. Blackwood, this easy-to-read handbook helps patients cope with the often perplexing diagnosis of morbid obesity. Many patients who hear such a diagnosis are sent home without any concrete idea of what it all means, what their next step should be, or what treatment options exist that improve their chances for success. And while many doctors hand out medications to treat the diabetes, high blood pressure, acid reflux, and congestive heart failure that plague many patients, very few attempt to treat the underlying fact that causes these painful and devastating diseases: morbid obesity. Dr. Nicholson changes all that with his no-nonsense approach to permanent weight loss. He believes that, when given the right knowledge, tools, and a genuine desire to change, patients can find a way to cure themselves of morbid obesity-thus paving the way to a healthier lifestyle where chronic pain and constant medication are things of the past. So arm yourself with the facts you need to make a change today with Morbid Obesity: The Real Skinny.

Author: Nick Nicholson M D
ISBN: 9780990436706
Format: PDF
Size: 13.44 Mb


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