My Life in Pursuit of Exceptional Physical Fitness : Ages Six to Seventy-Three…and Counting – Phillip Dan Cook Phd Ace Nasm

My Life in Pursuit of Exceptional Physical Fitness : Ages Six to Seventy-Three...and Counting

It’s unusual to find someone who has dedicated his entire life, and counting, to the attainment of a single goal-especially when that goal is to maximize physical fitness. But Phillip Dan Cook, PhD, ACE, NASM, has done just that. Devoting sixty-seven years to this pursuit, he has continued to improve and maintain his physical health-with extraordinary results. My Life in Pursuit of Exceptional Physical Fitness chronicles Cook’s lifelong exploration of fitness. Beginning with his interesting and sometimes humorous early fitness regimes, Cook proceeds to recount the fitness activities he employed throughout adulthood and into his early seventies. You’ll discover why Cook keeps his cardio and strength training separate and the importance of diet and vitamin supplements to any fitness program. Always looking for the latest innovations and improvements in fitness activities, Cook explains the importance of heart-rate monitors and how GPS technology has changed his cardio routine. All aspects of fitness are covered, including the inevitable changes in activity levels that come with age and physical limitations. An inspiration to old and new alike, Cook’s lifelong commitment to physical fitness offers a road map for all those interested in improving their health and enhancing their enjoyment of life.

Author: Phillip Dan Cook Phd Ace Nasm
ISBN: 9781543001297
Pages: 110 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.78 Mb


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