Living the Thin Life : A Dieting and Weight Loss Guide with Weight Loss Tips & Weight Maintenance Strategies for Life – Elle Marie

Living the Thin Life : A Dieting and Weight Loss Guide with Weight Loss Tips & Weight Maintenance Strategies for Life

#1 Amazon Best Seller in Health, Fitness & Dieting Lose weight and keep it off for life… Tired of hearing the same old weight loss tips from diet and fitness “experts”? Get weight loss strategies that actually work. This weight loss guide offers ideas and diet plans that work for YOU. Find inside: – Weight loss motivation – How to eat healthy – Identifying your eating personality – Exercise & fitness tips – Guides to customize your weight loss plan – Dieting success stories – 50+ healthy recipes If you’re like most people, you’re looking for quick weight loss tips and ideas on how to eat healthy. But that alone won’t do the trick: You need motivation to lose the weight and to maintain that weight for life. This book can help! It contains real tips from real people who lost weight and kept it off. Join them in their weight maintenance success! Permanent weight loss can be yours… Join the 1000’s of other readers who benefitted from this book and get started today! A weight loss journal packed with quick weight loss tips & ideas on how to eat healthy to maintain a healthy weight for life. Looking to increase metabolism? An alternative to the milf diet or the fast metabolism diet or the fit girls guide? Having trouble losing baby weight? Maybe you want a diet and exercise plan to help in maintaining weight loss. Or a low carb diet plan you’ll actually stick to. This book can help! Author Interview Q: Are YOU living the thin life? A: In 1999, I decided enough was enough. Time to lose the baby weight. I was sick of trying diet after diet & failing. I needed weight loss strategies that would work for me and a weight maintenance plan that would help me keep the weight off. I buckled down, started my own weight loss journal, & achieved my ideal weight within a year. The best part? I’ve maintained that healthy weight ever since. Q: Congrats on finding a plan that worked for you! But what qualifies you to write a diet and exercise plan for other people? A: I’ve seen friends, family, & coworkers struggle with weight loss. They’ve tried low fat diets and low carb diet plans, they’ve tried every healthy dieting technique under the sun (some unhealthy ones too). Some lose weight, some don’t. Some keep it off, some don’t. I realized that weight loss strategies are different for everyone. So I collected all my weight loss tips-and those from friends & family-into this weight loss journal so you can find a plan that works for YOU. I’m not a doctor but I AM living the thin life, which I hope convinces you that you can do it too. Q: Everyone is different. How can you find what’ll work for me? A: I’ve created a diet personality quiz where you can find out which “animal” you are and get weight loss motivation tips for your type. For example, I’m a deer. I like to eat many small meals throughout the day, so if I don’t watch calories it can quickly add up. Tips for me are to eat low-calorie foods and to exercise throughout the day to increase metabolism and balance it out. Other personalities might need to watch portion size or stick to a low fat diet. Q: Is this book just for women? And why should readers pick this book instead of the 100s of other books promoting the next great weight loss tips? A: Almost all of us have a few pounds to lose, or are looking for a weight maintenance plan. You need to find the right weight loss strategies for you, not the latest fad diet or bogus fitness advice. You’ll get great weight maintenance & weight loss tips in my weight loss journal. Categories Health, Fitness & Dieting Diets & Weight Loss Recipes Weight Maintenance For those seeking: quick weight loss tips, diet and exercise plan, maintaining weight loss, milf diet, fast metabolism diet, fit girls guide, diet plans that work

Author: Elle Marie
ISBN: 9781438285375
Pages: 220 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.21 Mb


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