How to Get a 6-Pack…and Still Drink a 30-Rack Every Weekend : A Drinker’s Guide to Getting a Ripped Stomach – Bradlee Grant

How to Get a 6-Pack...and Still Drink a 30-Rack Every Weekend : A Drinker's Guide to Getting a Ripped Stomach

I was looking for a workout regimen that would get my stomach cut, but still be able to drink large quantities of alcohol. If you are looking to get a ripped stomach and still drinks beers every weekend, look no further. For years we have heard if you want to get a ripped body, you have to give up drinking because it has too many calories. I call this the beer belly syndrome. Why do we have to give up drinking to get the cut stomach? Why can’t we have the best of both worlds? I wasn’t able to workout and keep my stomach ripped after drinking every weekend. I didn’t want to give up my beers, but I still wanted the ripped stomach. I developed two different ab routines and three different lifting routines, allowing me to drink at least a thirty-pack or more every weekend. My workout regimen and diet allowed me to keep a ripped stomach, but still drink beers, booze and takeout food. This book will be a helpful tool to those who love to workout all week, but like to relax and drink beer and booze every weekend. This book can also help those who do not drink because if these exercises work for me with the way I drink, think of what it will do for those that don’t.

Author: Bradlee Grant
ISBN: 9781683947295
Pages: 96 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 12.58 Mb


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