Thin & Blessed : 10 Wise Decisions for Love, Power & Joy – Elizabeth Brickman

Thin & Blessed : 10 Wise Decisions for Love, Power & Joy

WHAT IF YOU COULD GET THIN SIMPLY BY CHANGING HOW YOU THINK? THIN & BLESSED joyfully leads you through 10 Wise Decisions that replace diet resistance with love, power, and joy, to motivate the most effortless weight loss you’ll ever know. Finally, losing weight will be easy, joyful, natural, and fun – on any diet you choose – or maybe on no diet at all. Distracted? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? The 10 Wise Decisions melt away the frustrating past and empower change that lasts. You’ll be serenely secure and relaxed in your new, thin body and you’ll never again have to fight for the dream of thin. Your weight struggle is an old story that needs a new ending. There is mighty power tucked inside you just waiting to be unleashed. You really can learn to love yourself thin… and change your whole world. It’s time to take a joyride – all the way to THIN & BLESSED.

Author: Elizabeth Brickman
ISBN: 9780578163376
Pages: 242 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 26.09 Mb


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