A Concise Guide to Yoga : Uniting Body and Mind for Greater Wellbeing and Serenity, Shown in Over 120 Photographs – Doriel Hall

A Concise Guide to Yoga : Uniting Body and Mind for Greater Wellbeing and Serenity, Shown in Over 120 Photographs

Uniting body and mind for greater wellbeing and serenity, shown in over 120 photographs. It is a simple guide to the ancient practice of yoga and its many healing benefits. It recommends beneficial postures for specific ailments such as allergies, asthma, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and back, neck and head pain. It features 120 helpful photographs and clear step-by-step instructions for all the yoga postures, as well as easy-to-follow routines and exercises. It advises on the best practice to gain maximum benefit from each yoga session. Yoga has been enjoyed for thousands of years, bringing stillness to the mind, and health and vitality to the body. Today we are rediscovering how this ancient art can bring healing into our lives, especially by rebalancing the nervous system, which is thrown out of balance by the demands of modern life. This practical book explains how to achieve union, harmony and balance through posture, breathing and meditation. There are breathing exercises, step-by-step routines for stretches and relaxation sequences, as well as information on how yoga can help health problems. With 120 photographs, this is the perfect guide to all-round wellbeing through yoga.

Author: Doriel Hall
ISBN: 9780754826989
Pages: 64 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 11.37 Mb


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