Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum Development – Deborah Tannehill

Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum Development

The Third Edition was created around the 2014 National Standards for Physical Education for K-12 education. Written by experts with a wealth of experience designing and implementing thematic curriculum, this innovative resource guides readers through the process of writing dynamic curriculum in physical education. The text begins by looking at the new national standards and then examines physical education from a conceptual standpoint. It goes on to examine the development of performance-based assessments designed to measure the extent of student learning and explores the various curricular models common to physical education. It delves into sport education, adventure education, outdoor education, traditional/multi-activity, fitness, and movement education, describing each model and how it links with physical education standards. New and Key Features of the Third Edition: Includes a new Chapter 2, International Perspectives on the Implementation of StandardsIncludes a new Chapter 4, Building the CurriculumIncludes a new Chapter 6, Creating Curricular AssessmentsDiscusses the process of designing a standards-based curriculum by developing goals that are based on a sound philosphyExplores assessment and the importance of documenting students progress toward the standardExamines how teachers can provide students with opportunities to achieve their learning goals through challenging and motivating choices

Author: Deborah Tannehill
ISBN: 9781284034196
Pages: 422 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 24.06 Mb


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