Working Around ADHD : How to Take Control, One Obstacle at a Time – Bill Rolfe Phd

Working Around ADHD : How to Take Control, One Obstacle at a Time

This book is for you if you have ADHD/ADD and you want to gain greater control of your life. As an adult with ADHD you might as well be living with an invisible 300lb. Gorilla. Your ADHD/gorilla is on a mission to thwart your best laid plans by placing obstacles in your way whenever possible. If you ignore it or try to fight it, it wins and stays in control. You must do something about it, but what? Fortunately psychologist Dr. Bill Rolfe has written a book that can answer the question with confidence. You take control by working around each obstacle, one at a time. Working Around ADHD: How to take control, one obstacle at a time introduces 10 proven control factors that will show you: Where to look for obstacles Which obstacles to work around What workaround to use for each obstacle, & How to work around obstacles. This book was designed with the ADHD brain in mind. Many self-help books written for people with ADHD don’t seem to actually be designed for people with ADHD. There is usually too much information on each page. This author, who has ADHD, completed an initial draft that was written like a typical text-driven book. He was shocked and dismayed to realize that his own book was not the kind of book that he would want to read. Too many words. He went back to the drawing board and condensed the information into its essence and rewrote the book. This version of the book is designed to be easy on the mind. Information is byte sized. There are lots of visuals. There is humor, at time irreverent. There is color. The book challenges adults with ADHD to relax and reframe ADHD as, a series of obstacles to be worked around, one at a time. That is how you tame a 300 lb gorilla.

Author: Bill Rolfe Phd
ISBN: 9780986186301
Pages: 128 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 15.17 Mb


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